This Blog Was a Lie

I have been up and down with this damned blog a bunch of times.  Starting from scratch over and over trying to find my voice.  None of those goes were my voice – there were just a small portion of it.  My stupid tag-line “just me being me” was a lie.  I was never really “me” on this thing.

I put myself out there as calm, cool and collected.  I can be those things, but only some of the time and generally only when I’m alone.  I’m usually loud, passionate, a bit weird and feely willing to share my opinion.  Often without considering the consequences or the audience.  I think I’m betting better at that last bit – but mostly just by keeping my damned mouth shut. Yes, I in fact CAN – I just generally DON’T.

I also don’t consider myself necessarily opinionated.  Some may disagree but they suck and don’t know me. My opinions are based on information I’ve picked up alonfg the way. Give me enough facts (fuck, that’s a tricky one these days) and I’ll change my mind.


I’m really going to try to be my real self from now on, which admittedly is in flux most of the time.  It’s going to come with a lot more cursing and negative language.  But hey, I’m from New Jersey, it’s what we do.  That and eat Taylor Ham.


Anyway, here goes try number who the hell knows.  I’ve lost count and I’m sure no one else on the planet has kept track.