Self Experiment

maxresdefaultMy last post was about fucking up. I still consider it a blessing when one can learn from it. I didn’t learn very much this time, but I have decided to turn it into somthing.

I have spent the last week eatingthe way I used to before I decided to go paleo.  I wasn’t eating MORE, but pretty much the same.  To be honest, I can’t do it anymore.  I feel like shit.  I am bloated, sore, inflamed, all of sorts of shit. Continue reading “Self Experiment”

The Blessings of Fucking up

163l8cI was raised in a way where mistakes were a punishable offense.  I don’t recall them ever being a teachable moment.  I was expected to perform perfectly the first time, every time.  This is not a critique on my raising, it’s just the way things were, seemingly for everyone I knew.

That doesn’t make it right.  Mistakes happen, we all make them; I’m sure a lot of them. Unless you’re Mary Poppins.

Mistakes are how we learn.  In order to learn how to get it right without instruction we have to get it wrong.  Sometimes even with instruction we need to screw the pooch. Continue reading “The Blessings of Fucking up”

Curating My Life

CaptureI am currently reading the book “The Urban Monk” by Pedram Shojai. In this book the author talks about how he works to “curate the information that comes to [him]”. This idea resonated with me a lot.

Sticking to the media theme, I have not been a fan of most media sources for years. I find them, at best, to be sensationalistic. To that end, I have chosen to limit the sources I use to get my news. Other sources worm their way in from time to time, but I quickly sour on them and cut them out again. Continue reading “Curating My Life”

Needing A Thicker Skin

depressed_rhino_by_aj_waster-d4na0x5I got a comment on a FaceBook post this weekend that I let get to me. It stuck in my craw for a while. It bothered me far longer than it should have as it probably should not have bothered me at all. In all likelihood it was a matter of text not having tone.

This is going to be a problem if I don’t toughen up or learn to let it roll off my back, and fast. For good or for ill, successful or not, I have decided to take on this whole blogging thing: bloggy bloggy blog. There are definitely going to be ambiguously toned messages as well as the eventual trolling. The internet is rife with both and there is no way to avoid either for long if I put myself out there.

Thankfully I have a support network that I can talk to about these reactions I’m going to have. I doubt I won’t feel the pangs of pain on real or perceived attacks. The best I can hope for is my loved ones and friends can be the balm to ease me back down. Over time my reactions will hopefully get smaller and shorter and with luck become me flipping off the monitor and moving on immediately.

The Big Why

Becoming-a-Nurse-101-Discovering-Your-Big-WhyWhy do I want to get into shape and turn my health around? It’s a good question without an easy answer. The answer is like ogres; it has layers. Or is it onions. Cakes? PARFAIT!

There is the easy answer of “I want to look good naked.” It’s a very reasonable surface answer. Even that answer has a deeper level. Looking good naked reinforces self-esteem. Continue reading “The Big Why”

The “D” Word

paleo3DIET. The word fills so many people with dread. People are always trying to tell us what, when, how and where to eat to lose weight. The cabbage soup diet, the Mediterranean diet, High fat, low fat, low carb, all these diets claim to be THE way to eat for eternal health. It’s all very confusing. I am not going to prescribe a diet. I AM going to talk about the way I eat. It’s not a DIET; it’s a way of looking at food, though I will use diet to make it easier to talk about. Continue reading “The “D” Word”