Autumn Has Fallen

Today is my first true cold, rainy day in Seattle.  I’ve been wearing my winter coat (without layers), as it’s warm and water resistant.  I have to say I love it.  The weather I mean.  Though I do like my coat.

I’ve always been fonder of the cold than the heat.  Warm weather is best enjoyed on a beach, under a palm tree with cocktails, and a nice ocean breeze blowing and good.  Not in a stifling, humid, landlocked location.

This is the first actual Fall I’ll have been through in a while.  I’m safely inside watching the weather, I have copious amounts of tea, and I’ve stashed left over stew in the fridge.  I may be an oddball – but I really love it.  It would be better if the BF were here, but I’ll manage.

The only reason I need to step outside is to walk the dog.  I even enjoy that.  Feeling the cold wind, watching my breath condense and warming my hands in my pockets.  It makes coming back home all the more comfortable.

I may have a change of heart by the new year; but for now, I say “Bring it!”


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